We have given permanent homes to Dartmoor ponies from The Dartmoor Hill Pony Trust and are taming and training them to be ridden and work in the woodland.

This method was chosen as ecologically it has the lowest impact on the woodland and gives the ponies a job for life.

Dartmoor ponies are an endangered breed and we are doing what we can to ensure a secure home for as many as our land can comfortably sustain.

By nature they are hardy, strong, sure footed and intelligent we have found them to be inquisitive, loving and strong minded.

Taming and training is taking time but the rewards are far greater than I could have hoped for. The bond between carer and pony or horse is a very strong bond.

We have also given a permanent home to a 14 year old black mare called Brighde who has never been broken and is coming on slowly but surely.

In time we hope to give more ponies and other animals a good home.

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