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Woodthyme Ltd. is a non-profit organisation. All proceeds from our produce are invested back into maintaining the unique ecosystem at Idston Woods.

Since 2009, we have collaborated with Devon Rural Skills Trust, Devon Wildlife Trust, the Woodland Trust, WWOOF, Highways and Byways, the Dartmoor Hill Pony Trust, and the Environment Agency to ensure our conservation work is of the highest quality.

We produce Charcoal with ancient wood colliery methods year-round. We produce logs and respectfully process quality timber in accordance with our sustainable woodland management plan held with Forestry England. We never fell healthy trees. We also produce jams, chutneys, cordials, wines, relishes, and pestos, which we occasionally take to local markets. All of our excess fruit and vegetables are donated to the local food bank.

Resuming soon: before the pandemic, we delivered courses in Wood Colliery, Flora and Fauna Identification, and Ethical Foraging. Details will be provided when they resume.

We have given permanent homes to Dartmoor ponies from The Dartmoor Hill Pony Trust and are taming and training them to be ridden and help in the woodland. Horse logging has a lower impact on the woodland environment than using heavy machinery and fossil fuels; it provides the ponies a home and job for life! :)